What to look for in an SEO company

Why is it important to look for trustworthy and reliable SEO company? Because you want to build an online presence that will be sustainable and that will grow over time. You don’t need “experts” with “secret formulas” or “hacks” that will give you instant results – you need someone who knows what he is doing and who is not mysterious about his ways and methods.


In order to avoid scammers and choose the legit SEO company for your business, here’s what to look for:


Their strategy – setting up the right strategy is an essential point in building every successful business. If you run into an SEO company who will promise you instant success without proven strategy (or without any strategy), that’s probably not the company you should hire. If an SEO company cannot layout the strategy that will cover the essential goals, objectives and targets and, most importantly, will be designed with your business goals in mind, you should definitely pass on to the next one.

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Past results – you don’t need an SEO company who will brag about their client list, but past results and references shouldn’t be a problem either. If they are avoiding to name some long-term clients or results, there’s probably something wrong there. Either they are just starting and don’t have a respectable list of clients yet or they are not able to deliver the results you need.


Their solutions for other clients – we all know the meaning of confidentiality agreement, but if an SEO company cannot mention at least one solution that they implied in the past and which brought their clients a desired outcome, you should probably look for someone else. The fact that you need a proof of their previous results shouldn’t be an issue if they’re the right deal.


Their tools – you may not be an SEO expert, but you should ask which tools an SEO company uses to outline their strategy and measure the results of the campaign. If they are mentioning buying backlinks or some other short-term “solutions”, feel free to look for other company. On the flip side, they may have great tools but not enough knowledge or skills to use it which is a guaranteed way that they won’t be able to deliver the results you need.


How they communicate – weekly or monthly reports with detailed statistics and graphs? It is crucial to establish a regular way of communicating with an SEO company. In most cases, you won’t be needing a daily report, but some type of communication needs to be established. Make sure you check out how which ways of communication they are using with their clients.


How they track results – if there’s not a clear and simple way in which an SEO company can track and present the results of their campaign, it’s likely that you won’t be able to trust them. The way they measure their results is one of the most important things in their overall SEO strategy – and if you don’t get a relevant insight in the results, you wouldn’t know if the campaign was successful or not.


Their price – are they charging big bucks for their services or they are offering a discount? It may seem irrelevant, but an expert SEO company should charge between $1000-$7000 per project or $75-$150 per hour. Any other price should raise a doubt in their expertise.