The importance of having a pen pal in digital age

A lot of people don’t really understand what pen pal really means. A pen pal is a friend that you regularly write and who writes you back. Some lasting relationships are practically built on writing to one another. There are a lot of reasons why some people keep pen pal friends, even though is much easier to communicate via e-mail. Some people has been keeping pen pal friends for several years and still counting. In some countries, pen pal is so strongly rooted, that if you don’t have a pen pal friend then you have not started using the internet.courier service

There are several advantages of keeping a pen pal friend despite the modern technology. If you are wondering why you should keep one, here is the list of reasons for keeping a pen pal friend.


A piece of postal card that was sent by a pen pal friend located in a totally different country brings you knowledge about that country. Often times I enjoy reading the description on the back of postal cards. I had no single idea that there is a park for a Beatle status and on Almaty Kazakhstan. I just found that out through the postal card that was sent to me. I also found out that it is impolite to eat your food before the elders. Pen pal opens your eyes to things you do not know actually exist. Pen pal actually teaches you a lot about things you do not know existed in your country or too many other countries.

Understanding Peoples Culture

If you believe that you are the only one with a cultured life, you should reconsider your beliefs. Pen pal helps you understand the cultures and traditions of others, thus enriching your inner life. Pen pal helps you to know the culture of other and the extent to which they go to keep this culture attractive and appealing to foreigners like you. This helps you to avoid prejudice and treating others with respect and dignity.

Making New Friends

courier serviceHaving a healthy relationship is such a good thing just for its own sake! Making good friends from all around the world would be impossible in one’s lifetime, but not with a pen pal. One of the beautiful things about making new friends is that you get informed on different personalities, characters, and people. You might just want to go on a vacation and you just get more information about the country you are planning on visiting. Making new friends that you engage in discussion with is just a cool thing to do. Sometimes in the process, you get to share gifts through Courier Service which is a great deal for some pen pals.

It Cost You Nothing

Let’s be sincere, having a pen pal that you talk to often practically cost you nothing but rather it opens your eyes to possibilities and information. You unlearn and learn also, and if you have a perspective you have about a certain set of people, you might just get a better understanding.

Some people feel pen pal is not necessary, especially with modern ways of communicating. Let me ask you a different question – is making friends necessary? If your answer to that is yes then, pen pal is just one of the ways you make friends.